Trumpet Gold Lacquered


  • Professional JINBAO Gold Bb Euphonium Horn 4 Valves Cupronickel Side With Case
  • Professional JINBAO Gold lacq. Bb Baritone Horn JBBR-1240 Cupronickel tuningpipe
  • Professional JINBAO Gold Lacquer Mellophone F Key horn with case
  • Prof. JINBAO Rotary Valve Gold Euphonium Horn Cupronickel Rose brass leadpipe
  • Professional Gold Lacquer 3+1 Piston Euphonium JINBAO Brand horn Bb Key withCase
  • Professional JINBAO Gold lacquer F/Bb 3+1 key Double French horn Case 305mm Bell
  • Professional JINBAO Double French Horn Gold Lacquer Finish F/Bb 4 Key with Case